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an unoccupied post or office: we have a vacancy in the accounts department. 3. an unoccupied room in a boarding house, hotel, etc: put the "No Vacancies" sign in the window. vacant. ( ˈveɪkənt) adj. 1.

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a gap; opening; breach. an unoccupied position or office: a vacancy on the Supreme Court. Definition of vacancy. 1 : a vacant office, post, or tenancy. 2 a : a vacating of an office, post, or piece of property. b : the time such office or property is vacant. 3 : physical or mental inactivity or relaxation : … vacant.

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Classified under:. Well the word “vacant” is an adjective and “vacancy” is a noun. The word vacant is used to describe something as empty or unoccupied. And vacancy means an  Apr 4, 2019 A job vacancy is defined as a paid post that is newly created, unoccupied, or about to become vacant: for which the employer is taking active  Vacancy or “vacant” shall mean the position is currently unoccupied.

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Vacant vacancy meaning

If you're looking for a room, there's no vacancy. George who? When a post is vacant and cannot be filled internally, the vacancy notice shall be vacancy via the employment services of several Member States by means of  av NJH Hansen · 2016 — a new data set of Swedish hires and job vacancies on the plant level covering seekers via the newspapers, internet or another mean of dissemination , and (2)  The team and the manager have done fantastically well over the last 12 months and that inevitably means there will be speculation when. vacancies arise. Wibax's vacant positions are listed below. Subscribe to our jobs.

'Cathy stared into vacancy, seeing  vacancy · 1 the state or condition of being vacant or unoccupied; emptiness · 2 an unoccupied post or office we have a vacancy in the accounts department · 3 an  Sep 2, 2017 no space for something. Example: A: Do you have any job openings?
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Vacant vacancy meaning

a gap; opening; breach. an unoccupied position or office: a vacancy on the Supreme Court. Definition of vacancy. 1 : a vacant office, post, or tenancy. 2 a : a vacating of an office, post, or piece of property.

When there is a job available at a company that needs to be filled, this is … 2021-04-17 adjective.
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42Tomato. Kate Beckinsale, Ethan Embry, Luke Wilson,  Vacancies in classifications in this Unit at work locations or Agencies in assignment, the definition of work location shall be in accordance with Appendix. K. Vacancy Factor - The amount of gross revenue lost because of vacant space; an allowance item on pro-forma income statements, Term, Main definition  Definition of vacancy.

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(Vacancy) A position opening that exists when a new position is created or when an existing position opens up due to the termination (dismissal, resignation, promotion, etc.) of an employee.

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If there is a bed, a chair and table where a person could sleep and eat (and it is their intention to return) then it is no longer “vacant.” According to Merriam Webster Online, vacant is “when something is without content or occupant.” Note the fact that the property must be without content. A dwelling with furniture but no occupant is Vacant is a related term of vacancy. Vacancy is a derived term of vacant. As a noun vacancy is an unoccupied position or job. As a adjective vacant is not occupied; empty. vacant adjective (EMPTY) [ not gradable ] (of a place) not being lived in or used, or (of a job or office) available for someone to do: We have three vacant apartments in our building. a job that is available in an organization and that people can apply for: We currently have a vacancy for a sales representative.

(=blank) She had a kind of vacant look on her face. ♦ vacantly adv ADV after v He looked vacantly out of the window.